Where is Jack the Red swimming?

Here is our Jack the red the red blood cell swimming in the sea of ​​Globulopoli….

But where does a red blood cell actually swim?

And why is it so red?

How many are in the family? Does he have brothers and sisters?

Where was he born?

And his friends from Globulopoli? The Goccin Bianchi, what are they doing?

And his friend Patty the Platter, so cute and smart? What can you tell us about her ?????

There are so many questions from children … after reading the book Jack the red and the big trouble in Globulopoli (ED. PIEMME) the questions are unleashed.

The human body is fascinating but little known, we only talk about it when it hurts …

You do it study at school, you might say …

But how much is internalized? How open is there to constructive listening ?????

This was the reason why Jack the red was born, the red blood cell protagonist of an adventurous story in the world of Globulopoli, with the in-depth column on the human body, edited by Dr. Luigi Grosso.

Which will become a series.

Who is also a puppet in the TV broadcast and on You tube EDUGIOCHIAMO

We should remeber that a child who loves a character follows him in his adventures and opens up to listening … The child may get excited, passionate and begins to take care of his body and health from an early age …

And the news is not over …

Stay tuned!!!!!!

Where do you find Jack the Red’s book? in bookstores or on online stores. Click here

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